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Dr. Zhenghua Liu - Publications

• Advanced Modern Chinese Acupuncture Therapy
• The Practical Application of Acupuncture Treatment for Nervous System Disorders
• Channel and Acupoint Diagnostic Methods
• Family Therapeutic Nutrition and Diet Therapy for
Common Illnesses
• Skillful Treatment of Illness with Family Nutrition
• Encyclopedia of Preventive Chinese Medicine
• Encyclopedia of Traditional Chinese Medical
• Anthology of Insights from Eminent Specialists at the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
• Dictionary of Effective Prescription and Treatment in
Traditional Chinese Medicine
• Health and Recovery Encyclopedia
• Guidebook for Home Diagnosis and Treatment

• Treating Diabetes with Traditional Medicine and Acupuncture
• How to diagnose diabetes in its early stage
• How to treat diabetes complications with traditional medicine
• Clinical Analysis of 100 Cases on Acupuncture Treatment of Cervical Spondylopathy
• 60 Cases on Curing Insomnia by Mainly Puncturing Three- Shen Acupoints on the Scalp
• Ear-Point Embedding in Treatment of Acne Vulgaris: Analysis of Therapeutic Effects in 46 Cases
• 62 Cases of Acupuncture Treatment on Accipital Neuralgia
• Liu’s Insights on In-Service Training on Clinical Acupuncture
• Life Preservation by Moxibustion
• Liu’s Insights on Establishing Syllabus for Diagnostic Studies of Channels and Acupoints















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